About me

Hi, I'm Kevin. My story is not one of deep childhood trauma or great epiphanies that got me where I am today. It is one of gradual growth, lots of self-reflection, acceptance, stepping out of my comfort zone, and not accepting my life’s status quo.

Like many introverts I grew up without knowing anything about introversion and extroversion. What I did know was that my behaviour was often different from many others. I enjoyed wandering around outside on my own for hours or spending hours alone in my room reading and building scale models. The desire to be alone has been a strong theme throughout my life and it is still something that has a strong influence on my choices.

Even though I did not know anything about introversion, I learned, through trial and error, to trust myself and to be okay with doing things my own way. When I found out about introversion much of my past behaviour made sense and fell into place. The topic fascinated me, and I educated myself on everything I could find related to introversion.

Diving deep into what introversion is led me to a much better understanding of myself, to see my introverted nature as an asset instead of something that is holding me back, and helped me to accept myself as I am. Even more important, I realized that, even though my introverted nature is innate and cannot be changed, it is nothing more than a preference. I feel most comfortable when staying true to my introverted nature but that does not prevent me from exploring new things and doing what is uncomfortable in order to grow.

Why I do what I do

Realizing how many introverts are out there believing their introversion is the cause of them not living the life they want, I’ve chosen to use all my skills and knowledge of introversion and coaching to help other introverts come to the same realizations I’ve had and see their introversion as an asset instead of something holding them back so they can start living the life they want.

What about the website name

If you dissect the name, you will probably see where it comes from. I figured it made sense to have the word “introvert” in the name, but I wanted something else in there as well, so I started thinking what I want to achieve for other introverts. The answer was that I want every introvert to thrive, so I played around with combining the “introvert” and “thrive”. The result…Inthrivert which stands for “a thriving introvert”. Maybe it is a bit cheesy and in all fairness it does not role off the tongue but hey, I like it and it does stand for what I want to achieve for all my fellow introverts.